Official Lego-Mars Rover Curiosity if official

Großartig! Das nächste Lego Cuusoo-Set wird dieser Mars Rover Curiosity. Wird leider nicht so badass, wie dieser Lego-Rover hier, aber immerhin. Nicht so großartig: Curiosity hatte sich im Wettbewerb gegen das Portal-Lego-Konzept durchgesetzt, das vor einem Jahr hier gebloggt hatte. Scheiß auf Mars-Rovers, ich will Lego Portals und zwar jetzt! Aber das Projekt ist noch nicht ganz vom Tisch: „We’re still looking into the possibility of releasing a set based on the Thinking with Portals! Project“.

21104 Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover
It is with great pleasure we reveal that the next LEGO CUUSOO set will be the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, based upon the LEGO CUUSOO project by Perijove.

This project rose to popularity in late summer 2012, when the real Mars Curiosity Rover approached and landed on the planet Mars in its historic mission. The model designer, LEGO CUUSOO user Perijove is a Mechanical Engineer who worked on the actual Curiosity rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Perijove writes that he built and submitted the rover to further the educational outreach of the Mars Curiosity rover’s incredible mission, and to encourage greater public support for space exploration.

The final product is still in development. Exact pricing and availability is still being determined, so stay tuned on this blog and LEGO CUUSOO for an update on when you can buy your own LEGO rover in the coming months.

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