Rotating Head-Slices Stopmotion

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Schöne Arbeit von Rollin Leonard für sein Projekt 360°, die erstmal technisch recht simpel aussieht, tatsächlich aber ziemlich fiese Detailarbeit erforderte, denn das sind nicht einfach nur auseinander geschnittene Videos, sondern Fotos und Stopmotion. Von Creators Project:

To create the effect was a painstaking process with the model having to sit, legs folded, in a chair while Leonard rotated her 1 degree at a time using his specially built protactor--with the laser pointer aimed at an array of degrees drawn on the floor while the chair swivelled. Once he'd completered the shots, Leonard strung them together and corrected the jerky motion of the movement by rotating and nudging the shots in Photoshop before exporting to video.

"The reason I bothered to go through all of this instead of simply shooting it in video was there would be absolutely no motion blur, the rotation would be perfectly even (and a countable number of frames), and I could use studio flashes to make tiny, measured changes to the lighting. I wanted it to have a silvery, film-like appearance and to look as still and statue-like as possible."

Surreal 360° Portraits Slice The Human Head Into Rotating Parts