George Lucas and Steven Spielberg predict Filmbiz-Implosion

George Lucas und Steven Spielberg haben auf einem Panel der University of Southern California über die Zukunft des Filmbiz gesprochen und orakeln über eine „massive Implosion“. Ich sage seit drölf Jahren, dass (amerikanische) Serien Filme zumindest ansatzweise kreativ schon lange überholt haben und dass das Kino auch als soziales Event auf schwere Zeiten zusteuert. Ich hadere dabei ein bisschen mit mir selbst, weil mir klar ist, dass Indie-Filme und Kunst als erstes auf der Strecke bleiben – oder sich (hoffentlich) in Wegen äußern, die noch unabsehbar sind. Eine Antwort auf diese Frage wäre zum Beispiel Crowdfunding. Mal sehen, wo die Reise hingeht.

"You're at the point right now where a studio would rather invest $250 million in one film for a real shot at the brass ring," he said, "than make a whole bunch of really interesting, deeply personal — and even maybe historical — projects that may get lost in the shuffle because there's only 24 hours. There's going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe even half a dozen of these mega-budgeted movies are going to go crashing into the ground," Spielberg said, "and that's going to change the paradigm again."

Barreling from opinion to opinion throughout the discussion, Lucas presented a clear vision of this post-crash entertainment landscape: a world where going to the movies is no longer a casual outing, but a high-end experience more in line with Broadway. "What you're going to end up with is fewer theaters," he said. "Bigger theaters, with a lot of nice things. Going to the movies is going to cost you 50 bucks, maybe 100. Maybe 150." It will be more in line with sporting events, with films playing in these high-end cinemas for as long as a year. "And that's going to be what we call ‘the movie business.' But everything else is going to look more like cable television on TiVo."

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predict ‘massive implosion’ in film industry