The Art of Punk (1): Black Flag

Großartige neue Webvideo-Serie vom Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles über Design und Punk, die erste Folge handelt 20 Minuten lang vom Flyer- und Logo-Design von Black Flag, nächste Woche kommen die Dead Kennedys – Hell Yeah! –, danach eine Folge über Crass. Ich werde mir die selbstverständlich alle hier reinkleben, den Feed vom MOCA-Youtube-Channel habe ich mir grade in den Feedreader gepackt. Die Webserie kommt von Bo Bushnell und Bryan Ray Turcotte, von letzterem stammt auch das Buch Fucked Up + Photocopied: Instant Art Of The Punk Rock Movement.

 Youtube Direktblack, via Dangerous Minds

On the first episode of "The Art of Punk" we dissect the art of the legendary Black Flag. From the iconic four bars symbols, to the many coveted and collected gig flyers, singles, and band t-shirts, all depicting the distinctive Indian ink drawn image and text by artist Raymond Pettibon. We start of in Los Angeles talking to two founding members singer Keith Morris, and bass player Chuck Dukowski, about what the scene was like in 1976 - setting the stage for the band's formation, as well as the bands name, and the creation of the iconic four bars symbol. Raymond Pettibon talks with us from his New York art studio. Back in LA we meet with Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, about how the art, the music, and that early LA scene impacted his own life and career. To wrap it all up we sit and talk at length, with Henry Rollins, at MOCA Grand Ave in Los Angeles, about all of the above and more. […]

In addition to profiling the artists, the series includes intimate interviews with former band members, notable artists, and celebrities who have been heavily influenced by the art of punk rock including Jello Biafra, Tim Biskup, Scott Campbell, Chuck Dukowski, Flea, Steve Olson, Penny Rimbaud, Henry Rollins, Owen Thornton, and Gee Vaucher.

Turcotte hat außerdem ein Posting auf Noisey und zeigt dort seine komplette Black Flag-Flyer-Sammlung: PRETTY MUCH EVERY SINGLE BLACK FLAG FLYER DESIGNED BY RAYMOND PETTIBON.

In my opinion, punk flyers should not be behind glass. All my flyers, thousands of them, sit in stacked piles around my office, all around me. I enjoy having people look through them the way I do—grabbing them from stacks, touching them one at a time. Sometimes you find letters written on the backs of them. I always put my favorite flyer on top of the stack to show it off: Black Flag, Husker Du, Vicious Circle and Double Cross at the Tool & Die on Jan 8th, 1984 is my favorite one right now. It's sitting one on top of the pile. my way of putting a frame around it I guess.