Giant Real-Life Game Of Life-Boardgame on Japanese Island

Anlässlich des 45jährigen Jubiläums (45? Really?) wird sich die Insel Yoron bei Japan in eine riesige Real-Life-Version des Spiel des Lebens verwandeln, komplett mit riesigen Drehrädern und Bussen mit diesen Steckmännchen obendrauf. Ich hab' das Spiel als Kind eine ganze Zeit lang bis zum Erbrachen mit meiner Cousine gezockt, aber nach Japan werde ich für diese Version hier wohl eher nicht reisen.

The Game of Life, one of the oldest board games still around today enjoys continued success around the world. Japan in particular has embraced the line of wheel spinning games, where it’s known by the direct translation Jinsei Gemu. As 2013 marks the 45th anniversary of the Game of Life in Japan, one island has decided to celebrate by turning the entire place into one big Game of Life board complete with spinners and play money.

The life-sized Game of Life will be held from 20 July to 16 September on Yoron Island located just North of Okinawa. The impetus for this plan was the fact that the island is shaped like that hilly part of the game board where the spinner sits. Throughout these summer months, players will be given a map showing the game squares and an allotment of fake money like that used in the game. The players will then spin one of four wheels located around the island and proceed to that spot.

Japanese island to become real-life Game of Life for the summer