These upright Citizens have Nothing To Hide

Man kann sich über die Wortwahl in Daniel Sieradskis Posting zu seiner Twitter-Aktion wahrscheinlich wunderbar streiten („Idiots“), aber der Twitter-Feed @_NothingToHide ist gleichzeitig ziemlich erhellend, erschreckend und ernüchternd: „These upstanding citizens have nothing to hide & neither should you.“

Ich hatte Daniel in den Comments gestern Abend gefragt, ob das ein automatisierter Bot ist: „Not a bot. It’s all hand curated using Tweetbot and a whole lot of search terms.“ Hier ein paar meiner „Favorites“:

- I see people bitching about PRISM invading privacy, yet I don't seem to care...
- Here's the thing: I just don't think I'm interesting enough for the govt to care about monitoring my communication.
- Personal privacy. Because I have nothing to hide, am law abiding and not that precious #Prism doesn't rock my world at all.
- Folks tripping about emails/tweets/texts/phone calls, etc being monitored need to gtfoh with that! Why u worried if u have nothing to hide?!
- Civil liberties? If you've done nothing you've nothing to hide. Simples.
- I'm sorry, but I have nothing to hide! If the gov't wants to see who I'm calling to protect my safety then so be it! #imjustsaying

Nothing To Hide – These upstanding citizens have nothing to hide & neither should you (Artwork von Will Varner)