Don't fuck with the Chewbacca! Don't even try!

Am Flughafen von Denver wollte die TSA Peter „Chewie“ Mayhew seinen Gehstock in Form eines Lichtschwerts abnehmen, also hat Chewie mal kurz auf Twitter geröhrt und die TSA dann so: „Ja, okay, na gut Mr. Chewbacca, hier hamse ihr Stocklichtschwert wieder, es tut uns leid und wir tun das auch wirklich nie, nie wieder“. Oder so ähnlich.

The 7-foot, 2-inch tall actor sat in a wheelchair at the airport as he pleaded with the agents and explained that he needed the cane to walk

But it was only after the giant actor posted pics of the incident on his official Twitter account @thewookieroars that the agents relented and let him return to north Texas with his light saber cane.

Chewbacca Actor Battles TSA Over Light Saber Cane