Daniel Ellsberg: „The United Stasi of America“

Daniel Ellsberg, der Leaker der Pentagon Papers, gibt der NSA und Obamas Überwachungsstaat im Guardian nochmal einen richtig kräftigen Schlag auf den Hinterkopf mit, und zwar mit Anlauf. Ellsberg hat für seine Leaks 36 Jahre später den Alternativen Nobelpreis gewonnen.

The surveillance revealed by Snowden's disclosures exposes this executive coup: that this is done with Congress briefed, but without the ability to resist or even debate the measures openly, makes a mockery of the separation of powers. What has been created is the infrastructure of a police state.

I do not say that the United States is a police state. We have not seen the mass detentions that would complete that process. But given the extent of this invasion of people's privacy, we do have the electronic and legislative infrastructure of one. If, for instance, there was now a war that led to a large-scale anti-war movement – like the one we had against the war in Vietnam – I fear for our democracy. If the government had then had the capability that it has now, I do not doubt there would have been mass detentions. These powers are extremely dangerous.

Edward Snowden: saving us from the United Stasi of America