Walking Dead-Zombie sent poisened Letters to Obama

Das FBI hat Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson verhaftet, weil die Dame Ricin-Briefe an Obama verschickt hat. Die Dame wollte damit wohl ihrem Ehegatten ans Bein pinkeln: Sie hat selbst beim FBI angerufen und ihn beschuldigt. Dumm gelaufen. Die Dame hat unter anderem einen Zombie in The Walking Dead gespielt.

Shannon Richardson, 35, also known as Shannon Rogers and Shannon Guess, initially told the FBI that her husband, Nathaniel, sent the ricin-laced letters, but a polygraph exam found her to be "deceptive" on the matter, court papers said. Investigators found that her computer storage devices contained the text of threatening letters sent to the president, but the couple's computer records show her husband couldn't have printed them out because he was at work at the time, an FBI arrest affidavit said.

Shannon Richardson is accused of mailing a threatening communication to the president and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted, according to a statement from U.S. Attorney John M. Bales' office in Texas.

Texas actress first accuses husband, but she's arrested in ricin case (via Dangerous Minds)

[update] Die Story gibt tatsächlich ein bisschen mehr her, als halbpolitisch aufgeladene Walking Dead-Trivia: Laut The Smoking Gun und dort veröffentlichten Dokumente wurde die Dame festgenommen, weil das FBI ihre Post zurückverfolgen konnte. Und zwar durch ein Programm namens Mail Isolation Control and Tracking (MICT) und mit dem fotografieren sie jede Postsendung im Meatspace, die über den US Postal Service abgewickelt wird. o_O

According to FBI Agent James Spiropoulos, investigators accessed a Postal Service computer system that “incorporates a Mail Isolation Control and Tracking (MICT) program which photographs and captures an image of every mail piece that is processed.” Agents were able to obtain front and back images of about 20 mail pieces that had been processed “immediately before the mail piece addressed to Mayor Bloomberg.”

A review of that mail revealed that each piece carried return addresses listing zip codes in the New Boston area.

Ricin Suspect Was Tracked Via Mail Scanners – Feds: Postal Service photographs every piece of mail it processes