A Cloud inside The Cloud rained on Facebooks Data Center

Das hätte ich gerne gesehen: Weil sie in Facebooks erstem Data Center in Prineville suboptimale Luftzirkulation hatten, bildete sich da vor zwei Jahren eine Wolke (wohl eher ein bisschen Nebel, aber das Bild passt so schön) und es „regnete“ auf die Server.

"I got a call, 'Jay, there's a cloud in the data center'," Parikh says. "'What do you mean, outside?'. 'No, inside'." There was panic. "It was raining in the datacenter," he explains. […]

In Prineville's first summer of operation, a problem in the facility's building-management system led to high temperature and low humidity air from the hot aisles being endlessly recirculated though a water-based evaporative cooling system that sought to cool the air down – which meant that when the air came back into the cold aisle for the servers it was so wet it condensed.

Facebook's first data center DRENCHED by ACTUAL CLOUD (via /.)