Translation of the #OccupyGezi-Gameshow

Ich hatte gestern bereits über die türkische Game Show gebloggt, die über alle Fragen und Antworten Anspielungen auf #OccupyGezi ins Mainstreamfernsehen geschmuggelt hatten. Jetzt hat ein Soziologe aus der Türkei die komplette Show übersetzt:

Here’s a (rough) translation of the questions and answers Ali Ihsan Varol asked his guests on live TV on June 3rd (Turkish here, feedback welcome, very quick translation):

1- A journey undertaken to see, to have fun: GEZI –name of the park that is at the center of the protests.
2- A large garden with trees and flowers in the center of a place of residence that allows people to breathe: PARK
3- In international law, someone who is not a member of armed forces or other armed groups in a country: CIVILIAN
4- An activity geared towards trying to change or improve a situation: A PROTEST [EYLEM]
5- A coming together around a set of ideas without being divided: UNITY
6- The metaphor for understanding what the facts are: TO WAKE UP
7- The people Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said should be “the most important representatives of human dignity and qualities, defense of nation and freedom of speeech”:YOUTH
8- The ability to make decisions according to correct, meaningful interpretation: COMMON SENSE
9- Property that should never be vandalized or damaged, that belong to all the people: PUBLIC PROPERTY
10-Ideology that depends on non-violence to carry out protests: PACIFISM

It Takes a Quiz Show Host: #Occupygezi and Culture Jamming aganist CensorshipTurkey (via AnimalNY)