Lesbian loves Watermelon, won't dress like it

 Youtube Direktmelon

Im Video oben erklärt Frau Hartbeat, warum sie sich nicht kleidet wie eine Wassermelone. Und in New York gehen nach einer Serie von Gewaltverbrechen an Homosexuellen Real Life Superheroes auf die Straße:

After the May 18 killing of gay Harlem resident Mark Carson, 33, and several beatings of gay men across the city, the group of self-styled heroes plans to hit the streets of Greenwich Village and the West Village dressed in tactical clothing and bulletproof vests, explained Staten Island-based crime-fighter Dark Guardian.

"Violence on its own is wrong, and it's even worse when a specific group is being targeted," said the martial-arts instructor, whose real name is Chris Pollak, 28. "We care about everyone, from every walk of life, and we want to keep everybody safe. Our focus now is the Village."

Real-Life Superheroes Patrol New York to Fight Anti-Gay Crime (via Death and Taxes)