Prehistoric Giant Lizard named after Jim „The Lizard King“ Morrison

Paleontologen der Uni Nebraska haben einen 40 Millionen Jahre alte Echse nach Jim „The Lizard King“ Morrison benannt. Ride the Snake!

Some 40 million years before rock and roll singer Jim Morrison's lyrics earned him the moniker "the Lizard King," an actual king lizard roamed the hot tropical forests of Southeast Asia, competing with mammals for food and other resources.

A team of U.S. paleontologists, led by Jason Head of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, describes fossils of the giant lizard from Myanmar this week in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Their analysis shows that it is one of the biggest known lizards ever to have lived on land.

Fittingly, it's been named for the aforementioned Doors singer: The creature's official name is Barbaturex morrisoni.

'Lizard King' fossil shows giant reptiles coexisted with mammals during globally warm past (via The Verge)

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