Mind-Controlled Quadrocopter

 Youtube Direktdrone, via /.

Ein hirngesteuerter Quadrocopter! Das neue hier ist wohl, dass sie die „Auflösung“ für Gedankensteuerung auf vier Richtungen erhöht haben (hoch, runter, links und rechts) und durch einen Hinderniskurs fliegen konnten.

five subjects […] moved the helicopter while watching a live video feed from an on-board camera. As the vehicle slowly glided forward, they steered it through a series of large foam rings — about one-fourth as many, on average, as someone using a keyboard controller could when navigating the same course.

"This is among the most provocative demonstrations of using EEG for motor control," says neuroscientist Todd Coleman of the University of California, San Diego.

Toy helicopter guided by power of thought