Language Stats for Nerds and Geeks

Slackprop hat sich Worte angesehen, die zusammen mit „Geek“ oder „Nerd“ auftauchen, hat dazu ein paar Millionen Tweets statistisch ausgewertet und ein paar interessante Sachen gefunden. Ich bin demnach ziemlich eindeutig beides und Menschen mit Cello sind die nerdigsten Menschen der Welt.

- Collections are geeky. All derivatives of the word “collect” (“collection,” “collectables”, etc.) are orange. As are “boxset” and “#original,” which imply a taste for completeness and authenticity.

- Academic fields are nerdy: “math”, “#history,” “physics,” “biology,” “neuroscience,” “biochemistry,” etc. Other academic words (“thesis”, “#studymode”) and institutions (“harvard”, “oxford”) are also blue.

- The science & technology words differ. General terms (“#computers,” “#bigdata”) are on the diagonal — similarly geeky and nerdy. As you splay up toward more geeky, though, you see products, startups, brands, and more cultish technologies (“#apple”, “#linux”). As you splay down toward more nerdy you see more methodologies (“calculus”).

- Hobbies: compare the more geeky pastimes (“#toys,” “#manga”) with the more nerdy ones (“chess,” “sudoku”).

- Reading: “#books” are nerdy, but “ebooks” and “ibooks” are geeky.

On “Geek” Versus “Nerd” (via MeFi)