Gesture-Interface thru WiFi-Signals

05.06.2013 Misc Tech #GUI

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An der Uni Washington hat man ein Verfahren entwickelt, um Gesten-Interfaces über verstärkte WLan-Signale zu ermöglichen, vor allem für die Steuerung von Wohn-Elementen wie Heizung oder Fernseher. Dürfte dann auch das Hacking von herkömmlichen Wohnhäusern erheblich vereinfachen, für den gepflegten Cyber-Nachbarschaftsstreit, oder sowas.

The concept is similar to Xbox Kinect – a commercial product that uses cameras to recognize gestures – but the UW technology is simpler, cheaper and doesn’t require users to be in the same room as the device they want to control. That’s because Wi-Fi signals can travel through walls and aren’t bound by line-of-sight or sound restrictions.

The UW researchers built a “smart” receiver device that essentially listens to all of the wireless transmissions coming from devices throughout a home, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. A standard Wi-Fi router could be adapted to function as a receiver. When a person moves, there is a slight change in the frequency of the wireless signal. Moving a hand or foot causes the receiver to detect a pattern of changes known as the Doppler frequency shift.

Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home (via /.)