Gamification of the Turkish Riot-Language

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Bei den Aufständen in der Türkei gebrauchen die Kids auf der Straße anscheinend häufig Worte aus Games, das Besorgen von Equipment wie Masken wird als „hochleveln“ bezeichnet und sie sprühen GTA-Graffitis an die Wände. Das Bild rechts geht wohl grade durchs türkische Internet. Awesome!

The most popular gaming term being used, though, is the co-opting of "GTA" into a slogan, which is being plastered all over walls and barricades. […] "Gta'da polis döven nesile sataştın" - has become an unofficial rallying cry for the movement (check out its Twitter usage), and it roughly translates to "You are messing with youth who grew up fighting police in GTA". […]

The point that it makes, Can says, is that "This generation trust their games more then they trust the TV or the newspaper. While our parents turn to the TV to learn what’s going on, we look at Twitter. Games, game writers and designers helped shaped who we are. Quests, factions, alignments and morality scales helped this generation form their ideas about the world." […]

"If Turkey's generation Y is fighting by using gaming lingo, it’s because this is the language we trust". To the people responsible for making those games, he says "Keep doing what you are doing, keep teaching the kids who to trust and what to fight for. And wish good luck to us all! Who knows, maybe it will give us a +10% dodge chance against water cannons!"

Turkish Rioters Are A Generation Raised On Grand Theft Auto

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