The Life and freaky Times of 2 Life Crews Uncle Luke

 Vimeo Direktcrew, via Gizmodo

Toller, alberner Kurzfilm von Mayer/Leyva über Luther Roderick Campbell aka Uncle Luke von der 2 Life Crew.

Pop culture phenomenon Luther Campbell—aka Luke Skyywalker or Uncle Luke—is cast in the central role. In real life, Campbell is a Miami celebrity, former member of 2 Live Crew—the controversial group famous for sexually explicit tracks like Me So Horny—and future Miami mayoral candidate. Like the Terminator who became Governor of California and former Minnesota Governor/WWF wrestler Jesse Ventura, Campbell bizarrely blends personality with pop culture persona. Following the storyline of La Jetée, Campbell plays a slightly altered version of himself as a time-traveler who revisits his memories.

Uncle Luke begins in Miami’s Liberty City, where the Luther Campbell character sees a man get killed. “Damn! Motherfucker just got cut! To the white meat!” The story then merges into actual events from Campbell’s life. He rises to fame and is subsequently brought to trial for obscenity—in Leyva’s script, the court case is “Stale White Bitches vs. The 2 Live Crew.” Uncle Luke then fast-forwards through an imagined sci-fi future. Campbell wins the election for Mayor, survives a nuclear meltdown at the Turkey Point power station, and then, well, hopefully you have seen La Jetée and you get the picture.

LIFE AND FREAKY TIMES OF UNCLE LUKE (2011) dir: Jillian Mayer, Lucas Leyva