Chinese Censorship vs Giant Yellow Memes

Heute ist der vierte Juni und die Menschen in China müssen sich wieder komische Sachen ausdenken, um die Zensoren des Regimes auszutricksen, die jegliche Anspielungen auf das Massaker am Platz des himmlischen Friedens plattmachen.

On China’s popular microblogging service China Weibo, authorities have banned a huge list of blocked search terms that might be potentially used to voice dissent or pay homage to the June 4 demonstrators. In past years online users have been able to refer to “May 35″ instead of “June 4,” but that’s no longer allowed either.

Censors, which are experimenting with increasingly sophisticated online methods, have refused to allow any references to today, yesterday or tomorrow. And also—see above—”big yellow duck.”

Weibo users play cat-and-mouse (and duck) with Chinese censors on Tiananmen anniversary

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