Richard Mosses The Enclave: A Pink Congo-Documentary

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Seit drei Jahren hat Richard Mosse den Kongo, die dortigen Konflikte und das allgegenwärtige Militär auf Kodak Aerochrome Infrarotfilm fotografiert, über die genauso fantastische wie surreale Bilderserie habe ich schon ein paar mal gebloggt. Jetzt hat er zur Biennale in Venedig eine halbstündige Doku in der gleichen Technik raus, gedreht auf „a discontinued military surveillance film, which registers an invisible spectrum of infrared light“: The Enclave. Zeitgleich erscheint ein (weiterer) Bildband zur Fotoserie/Doku unter dem gleichen Titel. Einzigartige und absolut großartige Arbeit.

Throughout 2012, Richard Mosse and his collaborators Trevor Tweeten and Ben Frost travelled in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, infiltrating armed rebel groups in a war zone plagued by frequent ambushes, massacres and systematic sexual violence. The resulting installation, The Enclave, is the culmination of Mosse’s attempt to rethink war photography. It is a search for more adequate strategies to represent a forgotten African tragedy in which, according to the International Rescue Committee, at least 5.4 million people have died of war-related causes in eastern Congo since 1998.

A long-standing power vacuum in eastern Congo has resulted in a horrifying cycle of violence, a Hobbesian ‘state of war’, so brutal and complex that it resists communication, and goes unseen in the global consciousness. Mosse brings a discontinued military surveillance film to this situation, representing an intangible conflict with a medium that registers an invisible spectrum of infrared light, and was originally designed for camouflage detection. The resulting imagery, shot on 16mm infrared film by cinematographer Trevor Tweeten, renders the jungle war zone in a disorienting psychedelic palette. Ben Frost’s ambient audio composition, comprised entirely of recordings gathered in the field in eastern DRC, hovers bleakly over the unfolding tragedy.

The Enclave

Richard Mosse: The Enclave
Infra: Photographs by Richard Mosse

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