MiniDoc about Biosphere 2

 Vimeo Direktsphere, via Ignant

Schöne Minidoku der Avantgarde Diarys über die Biosphere 2, in der sie eine abgeschlossene Atmosphäre samt Fauna und Flora aufbauten, ein paar Wissenschaftler da reinsteckten und dann zwei Jahre sich selbst überließen. Das Projekt scheiterte und heute verrottet das Teil in der Wüste von Arizona vor sich hin.

Over twenty years ago, a group of scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and free-thinkers put their minds and resources together to create a singular and lasting testament to an unfashionable notion: science and exploration, having become hyper-specialized and incremental, needed a return to big ideas and leaps of faith. They wanted to explore what few were discussing at the time. Things like climate change. Space colonization. And they were going to explore these ideas in a three-acre geodesic living laboratory called Biosphere 2 that mimicked the biomes of the earth.

Between 1987 and 1991, they built it from scratch, a veritable ark in the American desert. Eight people sealed themselves inside for two years, harvesting all their food, producing most of their oxygen, and recycling all of their waste. It was a remarkable experiment. And yet the one variable they did not account for was perhaps the most obvious: themselves.

Biosphere 2

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