Anatomy of the Star Wars-Logo

Tolles Posting von Alex Jay über die Geschichte des Star Wars-Logos und die tausend Iterationen, die es durchlaufen hat:

During the film’s pre-production, a decal (below) was produced. In the first Official Star Wars Fan Club newsletter, reprinted in the Star Wars Scrapbook (Chronicle Books, 1991), there was an explanation about the decal by Ralph McQuarrie, who did the art:

“It was done as a symbol for the film—to go on film cans and letters. George [Lucas] had had one for American Graffiti, and wanted one for Star Wars.” […] “It was done while we were working on costumes, ” said McQuarrie. “This was how we first pictured Han Solo. It could be a sort of Luke character, but I think it’s more like Han. Anyway, George decided that Han Solo should be a more relaxed character, and his costume was changed. But this decal was designed before the change.”

At the time the original title was The Star Wars. To my eye, the font on the decal is Futura Display. [There] is a detail from a page in the Photo-Lettering’s One Line Manual of Styles with samples of Furtura Display and Futura Display Open. The letter “T” was modified to close the gap with the “H” and “A”.

Anatomy of a Logo: Star Wars (via Daring Fireball)