Silence Of The Lambs Cannibal-Chianti

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Für ein Screening von Silence Of The Lambs inklusive Fünf-Gänge-Menü hat das Alamo Drafthouse-Kino in Austin limitierte Weine produzieren lassen. Selbstverständlich einen Cannibal Chianti. Dazu gibt's noch zwei Poster-Prints von Cesar Moreno, die find' ich jetzt aber auch eher so mittel.

Seriously […], there is nothing old or rote about director Jonathan Demme's masterful horror thriller. It stormed the box office in 1991 and rightfully made a clean sweep at the Academy Awards that year, picking up Oscars for Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Adapted Screenplay and Director -- one of only three films to ever manage such a coup. It also features the most bone-chilling line about chianti ever uttered in the history of cinema. Naturally, it was a perfect candidate to be celebrated as the second entry into our Alamo Signature Wine collection.

Only available throughout 2013, "The Cannibal Chianti" and "Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio" will debut at this exclusive feast screening featuring a tantalizing five-course menu inspired by the film. So, bring an old friend for dinner and let's indulge together…

Silence Of The Lambs Wines (via Death and Taxes)

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