A well organized dead Pig

Ich hab' keine Ahnung, woher das Bild stammt – wahrscheinlich aus einem Lehrgang der Metzger-Innung oder sowas. Aber es passt zu meinem Mittagessen. Guten Appetit. (via Max)

[update] Das Bild stammt aus einem NYTimes-Artikel über ein Seminar für Schüler in Portland: The Proper Way to Eat a Pig. (Danke S!)

On a recent morning in Portland, Ore., Camas Davis was teaching nine high-school kids how to butcher a pig. A 17-year-old named Mady called dibs on the front trotter, slicing through the skin near the pig’s ankle, then using a hand saw to cut through the bone. Nathan, 15, moved up the leg and worked through the hock, while Karina, 16, eyed the shoulder. Pushing up the sleeves of her red cardigan, she placed her blade between the fifth and sixth ribs, scored the flesh, then gave the knife a long pull, separating the shoulder from the carcass, but leaving intact the coppa — a muscle around the pig’s neck — in case anyone wanted to roast it.