How To make a Workbench from an old Piano

Tolles Instructable, wie man sich eine Werkbank aus einem alten Klavier baut. Perfekt für Menschen (wie mich), die keinen richtigen Keller oder 'ne Garage oder wirklichen Platz haben, aber trotzdem ab und zu rumhämmern wollen. Jetzt brauch' ich nur noch ein Piano.

Create your own attractive and functional Stealth Workspace for your apartment! This project solves the dilemma of not having adequate workspace in an apartment or other venue in which an unsightly workbench would look out of place.

I knew that I wanted this workbench to serve three purposes. First it needed to be a functional space to work on small electronics and hobby projects. Second it had to be a great tool bench for fixing bicycles which is my first love as far as DIY stuff goes. I already have a free-standing bike stand so this bench just needs to hold tools and be a handy work surface. Third, it needed to blend into it's urban surroundings.

Free Stealth Piano Workbench (via Core77)