Computer Rooms of 8Bit-Wizards

Goto80 (hier auf Twitter) – der unter anderem zusammen mit Raquel Meyers auch das ganz hervorragende Tumblelog Text-Mode betreibt – hat mir ein Preview seines Computer Rooms-Buchs geschickt, ein Band voller Fotos von den Arbeitszimmern von 8Bit-Bastlern und Circuit-Bendern, den man hier für nichtmal 'nen Zehner bestellen kann. Das Teil hatte sich vor ein paar Wochen bereits den Nika Award von den F.A.T.-Labs abgeholt. Sowas hätte ich jetzt gerne bitte mit den Computer-Zimmern von den Crackern und Tradern aus der 80er-Jahre-C64-Szene.

This is what computer culture really looks like. A collection of photos that show the messy reality behind the shiny online facade. Where we make our living and spend our free time. And try to be creative. Or even maybe worse.

Very few people get to see these spaces. It’s not the kind of place we take photos of, or show to visitors. Maybe we don’t even see it ourselves. It’s a sort of secluded area hidden in plain sight, full of secrets, now on this display in this book. This kind of places lead to political actions, fantastic music, art, new friends, inventions, love and so much more. This is IRL!

Computer Rooms from Goto80

Bonustrack: Goto80s tolle Animation Dansa In, ein 44kB-Demo auf'm C64 für das UCLA Game Art Festival:

 Youtube Direktgoto80

A story with pirates, sloths and sex told completely in text graphics and chipmusic. A blocky and brutal visual aesthetic synchronized with explosives, drunken funk and computer screams. All made in 44 kilobytes, to be executed by a Commodore 64 and its colourful ASCII-alternative called PETSCII. Shown at UCLA Game Art Festival, competed at the Datastorm demoparty and is available as C64 executable here.