Brain Surgery on Vine

Die University of California in Los Angeles hat eine Gehirnoperation mit Vine-Videos getwittert. Alle Clips mit Gitarre und Hirnbohrer (alles unblutig) kann man sich hier ansehen, von CNet:

Surgeons on Thursday implanted a brain pacemaker to counteract the effects of Parkinson's disease in a patient and sent out Twitter updates using both Instagram and Vine. The procedure has generated such memorable tweets as "Removing the skin and drilling through the skull for electrode placement." and "Electrode is prepared for implantation. Patient is being woken up at this time."

The patient was kept awake for part of the procedure. To keep him engaged, he was allowed to play guitar and sing during the process, leading to one of the more interesting and entertaining Vine videos from the day.

Watch a brain surgery over Twitter, Instagram, and Vine