The Market of Daft Punk Helmet-Replicas

Anscheinend hat sich im Laufe der Jahre ein Markt für DIY-Daft Punk-Helme gebildet, da die Jungs und die Firma, die die Originale herstellt, keine Replicas herausgeben, unter anderem geht's im Posting vom Wall Street Journal um den alten NC-Bekannten Harrison Krix aka Volpin Props:

Harrison Krix, 30, was working at an ad agency in Atlanta when he decided to try his hand at re-creating a Daft Punk helmet for a prospective buyer in California four years ago. After months of blueprinting, mold-making, sculpting and sanding, Mr. Krix shipped his helmet to an automotive shop that specialized in chrome plating, installed circuit boards and eventually delivered a shimmering gold specimen nearly identical to the first one worn by Mr. de Homem-Christo, complete with rainbow LEDs. […]

Kevin Sanders, founder of the Daft Club, a London fan site, says he started seeing so much helmet-hawking in discussion forums that he created a special page where buyers and sellers could connect.

Mr. Sanders said his website has tracked a 365% jump in the number of members seeking helmets last month from the year earlier. Helmets without programmable light displays cost from $200 to $500; computerized designs run up to several thousand dollars.

Fans Lose Their Heads in Pursuit of Daft Punk Helmets

Und weil's passt: Das Mixmag hat gestern einen Bonustrack von der japanischen Ausgabe von RAM auf Soundcloud gepostet:

(via Dangerous Minds)