Lifesize, giant Lego-X-Wing made from 5 Million Lego-Bricks

Whoa! Ein X-Wing-Fighter in Lebensgröße als Legomodell… aus 5,3 Millionen Legosteinen! FÜNFKOMMADREIMILLIONEN! Das Teil wurde grade aus Tschechien nach New York verschifft, wo Gizmodos jede Menge Bilder geschossen hat. Am Ende landet das Ding im Legoland Kalifornien und es ist erdbebensicher. Ein ERDBEBENSICHERER LEGO-X-WING AUS LEGO! Sorry für Capslock, aber das ist Wahnsinn.

This is truly unbelievable: Lego has built a 1:1 scale model of the X-Wing fighter using an astounding 5,335,200 bricks! It's as big as the real thing, capable of fitting the real Luke Skywalker—and Porkins. […] it reproduces the official $60 Lego 9493 X-Wing Fighter. But instead of being 560-pieces and a few inches long, this model uses more than five million pieces and it's 11-feet tall and 43 feet long, with a 44-foot wingspan. Just like the real X-Wing—and 42 times the size of the commercial Lego set. […]

The model was heavily engineered to withstand all the transportation, setup/break down and to ensure it was safe for Times Square given the subway system below and California’s seismic requirements for the Legoland California Resort installation.

Here are all details about the model:

Contains 5,335,200 LEGO bricks
Weighs 45,979.61 pounds (including bricks and steel infrastructure)
Height: 11 feet / 3.35 meters
Length: 43 feet / 13.1 meters
Wingspan: 44 feet / 13.44 meters
32 builders spent 17,336 hours (about 4 months) to construct

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