Dude finds Superman #1 in a Wall

David Gonzales hat ein altes Haus für 10.000 Dollar gekauft und im Dämmmaterial in den Wänden eine Ausgabe von Action-Comics #1 gefunden. Und dann hat der Depp das Cover angerissen. Das Cover angerissen! ANGERISSEN! Was für ein Vollhonk! Für die Z1.5-Ausgabe kriegt er aber immer noch über 100.000 Dollar.

David Gonzalez said he purchased the Elbow Lake house for $10,100 and discovered a copy of Action Comics No. 1, a June 1938 comic book featuring the first appearance of Superman, among the old newspapers used to insulate a wall, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Wednesday.

Gonzalez said he wasn't quite as careful with the find as he should have been, accidentally tearing the cover and downgrading its condition from a three out of 10 to a 1.5 out of 10.

Man finds 1938 Superman comic in wall of house (via Gawker)