Tracking Faces in Places: Google Earth Pareidolia

Über Maschinen-Pareidolia – der psychologische Effekt, Gesichter in Mustern oder Strukturen zu erkennen, übertragen auf Face-Tracking-Software –, habe ich schon ein paar mal gebloggt. Jetzt haben die Leute vom Onformative Studio das Prinzip durch Google Earth gejagt:

One of the key aspects of this project, is the autonomy of the face searching agent and the amount of data we are investigating. The source of our image data is halfway voluntary provided by Google Maps. Our agent flips through one satellite image after the other, in order to feed the face detection algorithm with landscape samples. The corresponding iteration algorithm steps sequentially along the latitude and longitude of our globe. Once the agent circumnavigated the world, it switches to the next zoom level and starts all over again.

Google Faces – searching for faces on Google Maps (via Creative Applications)

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