Guide to italian political Slangwords

Lorenzo Pregliasco hat ein Buch über den Polit-Slang in Italien geschrieben und Reuters hat ein (in Englisch) übersetztes Best Of. Ist 'ne Sammlung skurriler Ausdrücke für Sexspielchen und Korruption, was man eben so von Politikern erwartet. Sowas hätte ich gerne in umfassend für Bankster und Broker, glaube ich.

The term for a "mysterious sexual ritual" supposedly enjoyed by guests at Silvio Berlusconi's parties. It originated from testimony from the Moroccan nightclub dancer Karima El Mahroug, or 'Ruby the Heartstealer', in October 2010. The phrase became synonymous with Italy's then prime minister, and its viral spread through international media in 2011 accompanied the collapse of both his reputation and the financial markets' trust in Italy's ability to repay its debt. […]

The word for a deal done under the table, particularly between supposedly rival political groups. It leapt in usage in April 2013 as opposing centre-left and centre-right groups in parliament zoned in on an agreement that would allow them to share power.

Term for 14 young women housed at Berlusconi's expense at number 65 via Olgettina in Milan. They were frequent guests at parties at the home of the former prime minister.

From "bunga bunga" to "pianists" - Italy's political slang