Post-Punk Superhero Rockstars

Tolle Superhelden-Rockstar-Mashups von Butcher Bill aus Brasilien, dessen Real Life Supervillains ich neulich erst gebloggt hatte: Billy Idol als Aquaman, Siouxsie Sioux als Wonder Woman, Devo als Flash, Robert Smith als Plasticman, Morrissey als Supes oder Ian Curtis als Batman. Super!

As a child of the 80's I was heavily influenced by everything from saturday morning cartoons on TV to the music coming from the radio. Ian Curtis or Johnny Rotten are as iconic to me as Superman or Batman. Real people or imaginary characters, the incorruptible ideals of perfect superheroes or the human flaws and desires sometimes so desperately depicted in song lyrics - all of those influences affect us to the point of defining our character and personality, career paths and life choices.

The Post-Punk / New Wave Super Friends by Butcher Billy