March Of The Gods - Botswana Metalheads

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Drei Filmemacher aus Griechenland drehen grade eine Doku über die Metalszene in Botswana: March Of The Gods - Botswana Metalheads . Darin erzählen sie die Story der Band Wrust, die größte Metalband dort, und die wurde zu einem Gig auf dem italienischen SoloMacello in Milano eingeladen. Der Film ist bisher eigenfinanziert, für die Reise der Band nach Italien suchen sie nun aber Unterstützung über Indiegogo. Schönes Projekt, ich werde da mal 'nen Sechziger für DVD und Print reinschmeissen, halte ich für sehr unterstützenswert.

[March of the Gods: Botswana Metalheads] aims to bring to light an emerging musical subculture blending the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, African tradition and Biker and Cowboy fashion and an unexpected point of view on Africa, a continent which is often misconceived.

We recently managed to get the band an invitation to play at SoloMacello, an independent heavy metal festival in Milan, Italy, on the 26th of June. Wrust will have the exciting opportunity to be the first metal band from Botswana to play in a major European festival along with international acts (this year the main act is going to be Red Fang). The live concert of the band in Italy is going to be an important part of the documentary and closing scene of the film.

This project has been so far self-funded with our personal savings, that have covered the travel expenses of the crew to Botswana and additional technical gear to our existing equipment. This campaign aims to cover the travel expenses of the band to Italy, which are estimated to be around 1,000 euros per head (for the 4 members of the band) for a return flight from Gaborone to Milan. Accommodation will be provided to the band by the organisers of the festival.

Indiegogo: March of the Gods - Botswana Metalheads Documentary