Turing Drawing Machines

Toll: Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert hat ein Spielzeug gecoded, das zufällige Turing Maschinen erzeugt, die generative Kunst ausgeben und denen man beim „Zeichnen“ zusehen kann. Ich klick da jetzt seit rund einer halben Stunde auf random, hier ein paar der hübschesten zeichnenden Turing-Maschinen, die dabei rausgekommen sind:


Aus ihrem Blogposting:

After watching a documentary about Alan Turing, I started thinking about Turing machines again. They’re a very useful tool for computer science proofs and an elegantly simple computational model. Beyond this, however, Turing machines seem relatively useless in terms of “real-world” applications. […]

One possible application for Turing machines is to use them as programs to generate data procedurally. Their simplicity makes it possible, for example, to create working programs randomly. Generating a random stream of x86 instructions that doesn’t crash could be tricky, but with a Turing machine, it’s quite easy. I decided to try something like this to produce so-called generative art. The program I wrote generates random Turing machines that operate on a two-dimensional grid instead of a one-dimensional tape. The symbols written on the grid can be interpreted as colors, and voilà: we have procedural drawings.

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