Visualization of the Reddit Network

Schöne Visualisierung des internen Netzwerks auf Reddit von sharkbait784, welche Sub-Reddits mit welchen am engsten verbunden sind und am häufigsten aufeinander verlinken. Schade, dass er die bekannten Subreddits per se rausgeschmissen hat und nicht optional zuschaltbar sind. Immer noch superinteressant und schön zu sehen, welche Sub-Netzwerke es dort gibt. Der Gnubbel rechts ist zum Beispiel das Perv-Network ausgehend von /r/nsfw.

I've produced a graph showing links between subreddits, where a link is defined as a redditor posting a link in one subreddit to another subreddit. This graph was based on data collected from public Reddit posts since 2008, kindly provided by Deimorz.

In order to identify the most interesting cliques, the following process was applied to the data (if you aren't familiar with the nomenclature of graph theory, a "node" is a point on a graph (so one of the subreddits in this case), an "edge" is a link between two nodes and the "degree" of a node is the number of edges connected to it):

- Removed edges between subreddits that have less than eight occurrances.
- Removed nodes with a degree greater than 75 (this was enough to get rid of every sub in the top 20 subreddits (by subscriber). Since these subs are likely to link to a wide variety of topics, an association with one of these subs is not particularly interesting to us.

The Reddit network (via MeFi)