Detroits Robocop-Statue is ready for Duty

„Ready for Duty“ ist übertrieben, aber das da oben ist die fast fertige Positiv-Form von Detroits crowdfinanzierter, 3 Meter hohen Robocop-Statue. Von dem Teil wird dann eine Gussform gebacken und in der wird dann die finale Bronze-Statue gegossen. Stay out of trouble!

Just take a look at RoboCop in his 10-foot-tall pixel-atom-perfect glory. So far he's passed from you, the backers, to Fred Barton's expert custom sculpting, to Across The Board Creation's 3D scanning, digital enlarging, physical fabrication, and assembly in foam, wax, clay, and steel (pictured below), and now he's headed to Venus Bronze Works in Detroit for casting and manufacturing in bronze. We bow to all parties for going above and beyond.

Detroit Needs A Statue of Robocop!: Speechless (With Lots of Pictures) (via Boing Boing)