Algoraves: Dancing to live-coded Music

 Youtube Direktrave, via Boing Boing

Algoraves sind 'ne halbneue Partyreihe, auf der Musiker Tracks live vor Publikum coden, mit Fokus auf Tanzbarkeit. Veranstaltungen gab's bislang vor allem in London (und einer in Karlsruhe).

Algorave is made from “sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive conditionals“. […]

This is no new idea, but Algoraves focus on humans making and dancing to music. Algorave musicians don’t pretend their software is being creative, they take responsibility for the music they make, shaping it using whatever means they have. More importantly the focus is not on what the musician is doing, but on the music, and people dancing to it. Algoraves embrace the alien sounds of raves from the past, and introduce alien, futuristic rhythms and beats made through strange, algorithm-aided processes. It’s up to the good people on the dancefloor to help the musicians make sense of this and do the real creative work in making a great party.