George Takei reviews a Fresh Whole Rabbit

George Takei hat offensichtlich seinen Spaß auf Amazon, nach David Hasselhofs Best Of hat er jetzt einen kompletten frischen Hasen rezensiert. Spoiler: „Tastes like Chicken“.

Brad and I were very excited to order a few of these delectable beauties in order to reenact the skinning and spitting-over-an-open-fire scene from Game of Thrones. Now, I hate to split hares, but...

First of all, it is NOT at all as easy as it looks in that scene. Meera and Osha made it look so simple. But both Brad and I pulling together couldn't get that damn skin off. The rabbit wound up looking more like Theon Greyjoy's finger than a rabbit. Second, apparently you cannot light an open fire in your backyard in Los Angeles. No one told us that. Thanks, LAFD, for understanding. Third, it pretty much tastes like chicken.

Fresh Whole Rabbit: Not like Game of Thrones

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