Laser-Cut Records made from Wood

 Vimeo Direktwood, via Wired

Amanda Ghassaei hat vor ein paar Monaten Schallplatten auf einem 3D-Drucker ausgegeben, jetzt hat sie mit einem Lasercutter unter anderem Joy Divisions Love will tear us apart in Holz geritzt. Klingt natürlich eher suboptimal, aber so 'ne Holzplatte macht sich sicherlich trotzdem schick im Regal. Und noch dazu gibt's ein Instructable zum Selbermachen, inklusive PDFs der Sounddaten als Vektor-Datei, mit denen man sicher auch noch ganz anderen Unsinn anstellen kann.

These records were cut on an Epilog 120 Watt Legend EXT to a theoretical precision of 1200dpi (the kerf of the cut and some tricks I used to avoid crashing the laser cutter dropped the actual precision down by ~1/6). The audio on the records has a bit depth between 4-5 (typical mp3 audio is 16 bit) and a sampling rate up to about 4.5kHz (mp3 is 44.1kHz). So far I've successfully cut audio on wood, acrylic and paper, and I'm sure there are many more materials that would work. I wrote the Processing sketch that generates the record cutting paths so that it can be modified for any song, material, cutting machine, record size, and turntable speed […].

You should also note that in this Instructable I'll demonstrate specifically how I used a laser cutter for this process, but the cutting files I'm using are standard vector graphics in a PDF format, so they can be extended to many other digital fabrication tools.

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