Snake-Slaying Fest

Fies-bizarre Fotostrecke auf Wireds Raw File über das ein texanisches Schlangen-Schlachtfest:

Prior to his trip to the Lone Star State, his work was all about sex, drugs and partying in Kentucky where he attended college. […]

In Texas, Kasnic encountered a new type of revelry. The annual event in Sweetwater is the world’s largest rattlesnake cull with approximately 10,000 snakes dismembered and milked. Members of the public can handle snakes (after signing a waiver), skin snakes, eat snake meat and swig beer from snake-skin koozies.

“This was partying on a whole different level. Beers, smokes and snakes. Usually it’s just the first two,” he says.

Gory Snake-Slaying Fest Is Strange New Revelry for Rowdy Photog