Ho To make a Fake Google Driverless Car

Vor ein paar Wochen fuhr das F.A.T.-Lab als Teil ihrer Gold-Ausstellung mit einem gefakten selbstfahrenden Auto von Google durch New York, jetzt haben sie ein Tutorial auf Instructables online gestellt, mit dem man sich so ein Fake-Auto selber bauen kann. Zumindest den rotierenden Scanner auf'm Dach.

 Vimeo Direktfake

LieDar is a fake lidar sensor that you can attach to the top of your car to instantly turn it into a self-driving vehicle. Whereas some companies have spent millions of dollars developing the technology to have conversations about the future of transportation, you can butt in for a mere fraction of the cost. To join the multimillion dollar conversation all you need is a 3D printer, and a little gumption.

When your car sports fashionable technology you can experience first-hand what it is like to be a leader in innovation. Everywhere you go people will stop dead in their tracks in wonder and admiration. Children will look back and remember the day they first encountered a self-driving car -- your self-driving car! Overnight you can go from merely being a terrible driver to a well-respected and beloved ambassador of the future.

Impress your neighbors. Meet new people. Become more attractive to members of all sexes.

LieDar (via New Aesthetic)