Ming Mekka: An Analog Synthesizer Videogame Console

 Youtube Direktming, via Kotaku

Großartig: Ming Mekka ist sowas wie ein Analog Synthesizer als Videogame Konsole, die Games schraubt man sich mit Knöpfen zusammen. Das Video oben ist „nur“ ein netter, auf 80s getrimmter Werbespot, im Video unten zeigen sie das Ding in Aktion: „a voltage controlled videogame console for Eurorack modular synthesizers“. WANT!

 Youtube Direktsynth

With the heart of a video synthesizer and the brain of a videogame console, Ming Mecca is the first of its kind: an ontological toy, a videogame easel, and a love letter to all things retrofuture. Designed for use in Eurorack format synthesizers but built to meet the demands of even the most seasoned micro-galactic interlopers, Ming Mecca modules will take your rig where no rig has gone before.

The world is a patch, and you are its patcher. Ming Mecca brings voltage control to a comprehensive set of classic videogame design parameters, from details like object location and animation, to big-picture elements like game rules and level geography.

Turn off gravity at the flick of a switch, or scroll through seasons at the turn of a knob. Populate your world with exotic creatures, then modulate their identities with random voltage. Set objects in motion and use their collision to trigger cosmological events elsewhere in your modular. Experiment with quantum position, step sequence destructible terrain, and patch wormholes into parallel dimensions. With Ming Mecca, your modular transforms into a reality synthesizer.

Ming Mekka System Overview