DRM-Oscar delivered in Style

Pünktlich zum gestrigen Anti-DRM-Tag haben Defective By Design dem W3C einen Oscar (und die Unterschriften ihrer Anti-DRM-Petition) überreicht, für die beste Nebenrolle in den DRM-Plänen von Hollywood. Hintergrund: Es geht um die Pläne des W3C in HTML5 einen DRM-Mechanismus einzubauen, eine Petition dagegen kann man nach wie vor hier unterzeichnen, aber die Signaturen werden dann wohl nicht mehr als Oscar überreicht.

Your signature opposing DRM in HTML5 has been officially delivered to W3C -- in style. Because W3C's consideration of this freedom-destroying measure is backed by Hollywood, we thought it fitting to recognize W3C's role in this disastrous affair in true Hollywood style. We rolled out the red carpet and presented W3C with an award for "Best Supporting Role in 'The Hollyweb'," accompanied by over 22,500 verified signatures from people who want to stop W3C from weaving Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) into the fabric of the Web. […]

The petition delivery took place on International Day Against DRM, while people all around the world showed their opposition to DRM with protests, online action, and making DRM-free purchases. Today's delivery is just the beginning. We'll leave the petition up, so that concerned Internet users can continue to voice opposition to the proposal -- although we delivered a large batch today, signatures continue to come in by the minute.

Oscar awarded to W3C for Best Supporting Role in "The Hollyweb"