Australian Cat Ladies snatch Australian Christian Lobbys Domain-Name

Australische Feministen haben der Christlichen Lobby in Australien (ACL) die Domain geklaut und machen dort unter Australian Cat Ladies und machen damit Stimmung für die Gleichstellung gleichgeschlechtlicher Ehen. Nice one!

A trio of Melbourne feminists, calling themselves the Australian Cat Ladies, pounced on the domain name when the ACL, which only uses, failed to buy it. Their site, called Australian Cat Ladies, says it stands for marriage equality, the rights of couples to abortion, an end to discrimination, sex education and responsible cat ownership.

The link went viral on social media, earning the site about 260,000 views since its launch last night. A spokeswoman for the Australian Christian Lobby told Leader the group would continue to use its old website to communicate with members. Site co-founder Hilary Bowman-Smart said the founders' intention was not to embarrass the ACL but "we would certainly not be upset if we did".

"We're really not fans of them," she said.

Cat Ladies snatch Australian Christian Lobby's domain name