Luke, I am your Bizhe'e: Star Wars to be dubbed in Navajo-Language Diné

Star Wars wird als erster (Mainstream-)Film in Diné synchronisiert, der Sprache der amerikanischen Ureinwohner der Navajo. Leider rücken die Übersetzer nicht mit Beispielen raus und einen Online-Translator habe ich nicht gefunden. Vater heisst allerdings schonmal „Bizhe'e“ und die ganze Übersetzung ist ein bisschen problematischer, als gewöhnlich:

Laura Tohe, a fluent Navajo speaker and English professor at Arizona State University said the translation process could have been similar to what Navajo Code Talkers did in coming up with communication that confounded the Japanese during World War II. The Code Talkers recruited from the Navajo Nation were unfamiliar with things like grenades, observation planes, tanks and dive-bombers. So they thought of something on the reservation that had similar qualities. Grenades became potatoes, observation planes became owls, tanks became tortoises and so on.

"May the force be with you," might translate into "may you walk with great power," or "may you have the power within you," she said. It also might include a reference to mountains, which are a source of strength for the Navajo people.
Galaxies, stars and outer space are not far off concepts for Navajos, who sometimes base ceremonies on moon phases and constellations, Ms Tohe said. Those words would translate directly.

"The Navajo people, like all indigenous tribes, were very observant of not only the world around them but the stars and constellations," she said. "I associate that with science fiction in a lot of ways. I think they would be well aware of it in "Star Wars," it takes place up in the heavens."

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