Iron Maiden-Wrath of Revenge from the Neighbors

Ein Rentnerehepaar im stolzen Alter von 71 und 81 Jahren aus Stockholm hat sich bei seinen Nachbarn für Lärmbelästigung gerächt, indem sie deren Bude den ganzen Winter lang bis vier Uhr morgens mit Iron Maiden beschallten. 'Cause they're a wrathchild, coming to get you.

The noisy dispute continued throughout the winter with the pensioners booming music from their terraced house in the Stockholm area until as late as 4am, the newspaper reported.

The police were moved to act and arrived at the house to find that the elderly couple had placed a music system on the balcony, pointed at the neighbour and playing Iron Maiden's "Afraid to shoot strangers" at top volume. The police furthermore found another music system in the cellar directed towards the neighbour's bedroom wall.

Pensioners charged over Iron Maiden revenge (via Arbroath, Image via Shutterstock)