Model of a severed Pirate-Head, circa 1910

Das Science Museum in London hat ein Gipsmodel des abgetrennten Kopfes eines hingerichteten chinesischen Piraten, die Haare sind Menschenhaare.

This model head is reportedly an executed Chinese Yangstze river pirate. It is made of plaster. The long ponytail is real human hair. It is particularly gruesome because it depicts the head in great anatomical detail. Arteries, veins and spinal cord are accurately modelled across the severed neck. The head also has its own bloodstained carrying box. The origins and purpose of the model are uncertain. It was possibly used in an exhibition because it was made in England early in the last century.

Plaster model of the head of an executed Chinese criminal with case, made in England, c. 1910-1922 (via io9)