Miss South Koreas Plastic Surgery GIF'd

Das Bild oben zeigt die Anwärterinnen auf den Miss Südkorea-Titel nach, das darunter vor Schönheitsoperationen und ein animiertes GIF zeigt die Damen nochmal in all ihrer Roboterhaftigkeit.

[update] Kotaku hat ein paar Korrekturen der Story, angefangen davon, dass die Damen oben nicht um den Miss South Korea-Titel streiten bis dass das untere Bild eben nicht die oberen Damen zeigt:

They are actually the 2013 Miss Daegu contestants and not Miss Korea contestants. The winner of the Miss Daegu contest competes in the Miss Korea pageant. It's a bit like saying Miss Texas contestants are Miss America contestants. They're not.

What's more, the below photo was uploaded on Reddit as an example of how the contestants look prior to being processed. However, they're not actually the alleged "clone contestants". They're actually contestants for Miss Seoul (more here on Beauty Hankook). So, of course, they'd look different. They're totally different people.

Von Reddit:

I live in Seoul. Relevant link to show how great k surgeons are: http://kpsurgery.tumblr.com/.

1) You arent racist. Those women in fact do look unnervingly similar and yes, Koreans think so too. This is because they all get the exact same plastic surgeries and the surgeons follow the same formulas for noses and eyes and everything else theyve had done (fillers, cheek and forehead implants, eye surgery, nose surgery, jaw reduction, breast job, calf muscle job, fat grafting etc). Every single one of them has had nose and eye surgery. Those faces costed those girls thousands. Also dont underestimate makeup, theyve got it caked on in a similar style.

2). Those are called the Korean plastic face look. In certain areas of Seoul, you would think all the women are sisters because they look so similar due to same surgeries. Koreans cant tell them apart ether. Theyre jokingly referred to as "Samsung Robots".

Korea's plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Here are the miss korea 2013 contestants