Bloody Cuts: Pretty frightastic Horror-Shorts

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Bloody Cuts ist eine crowdfinanzierte Kurzfilmserie mit jeder Menge Blut und Gore. Insgesamt sollen das 13 Horror-Shorts werden, acht davon wurden bislang veröffentlicht. Die ersten paar sind ganz nett, aber vor allem die letzten drei Shorts machen richtig viel Spaß und nicht zu vergessen: In ihrem Blog veröffentlichen sie wunderbar trashige Poster zu den Kurzfilmen.

Bloody Cuts is UK based horror anthology, brought to you from the creative minds of a small team of filmmakers. Over the coming months, weeks, years, we’ll be opening a vault of fear to the global internet audience, in the form of 2-3 minute self-contained tales. Think “Tales from the Crypt”, “Creepshow” and “Masters of Horror”, and you’ll know exactly what we’re going to be doing.

Nach dem Klick meine Favorites: Dead Man's Lake, Death Scenes und Don't Move, in den Channeln auf Youtube und Vimeo findet man neben den Kurzfilmen noch ein paar Behind-The-Scenes-Clips.

Don't Move

 Vimeo Direktmove, via Marco

Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’… and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them - and their friendships - to pieces.

‘Don’t Move’ represents the directorial debut of Bloody Cuts producer Anthony Melton, and his love of horror classics such as Hellraiser ensured ‘Don’t Move’ has become a tense, disturbing and brutally bloody short. […]


Dead Mans Lake

 Vimeo Direktlake

When 3 campers visit a private lakeside hideaway for some summer fun, little do they know the horror that awaits them...

Born from a passion for the golden age of slasher films, "Dead Man's Lake" is a story drawn from the brain of Bloody creator Ben Franklin, who takes Directing duties for the first time. Armed with a script from Joel Morgan, the team set about creating an 80's period horror that would capture the spirit of that era whilst giving it a unique Bloody Cuts killer twist. Filmed entirely on exterior locations, the film sees many firsts for the team, including some of the most extreme scenes we’ve brought to the screen so far! […]

Drenched clothes, burnt faces and a smashed car, this is one summer the Bloody Cuts team won't forget in a hurry!

Death Scenes

 Vimeo Direktscenes

D.I. Collins has a suspected serial killer in custody. But there may be more to his crimes than the Detective imagines...

Born from a love of both crime and horror cinema ‘Death Scenes’ is the 7th film in the Bloody Cuts anthology. It’s the directorial debut of Bloody Cuts’ Head Writer – Joel Morgan – and features Robin Berry in the role of silent, enigmatic suspect ‘John’ and Ayden Callaghan as D.I. Collins, a detective with his own secrets. […]

‘Death Scenes’ delivers a tight, twisting crime story shot through with Bloody Cuts brand of blood, suspense and shocks. Best of all – no one got drenched during production!

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